January 10th, 2009

dont do sadness

So long, farewell..

During World War II, U.S. pilots began reporting odd balls of light or shiny metallic spheres that could fly circles around their planes. These UFOs came to be called Foo Fighters. British and German pilots also reported seeing these strange lights, and each side thought that they were some sort of secret weapon developed by the enemy. The phenomenon was never explained.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foo_fighter -- When in doubt, Wiki-it. ;)


L'Animateur - The Animator - Der Trickzeichner ( There's some claymotion nudity, in case you're at work and your boss has an issue. lol. )

I've started watching more and more shorts, and find them just fascinating. For anyone who has read Wicked, tell me this doesn't remind you of the Time Dragon/clock thingie? It's very well done. (And did anyone else read A Lion Among Men? Discuss!)

And I'm officially heading out in a few hours, so I'll reply if I get to an internet cafe, but I intend to be doing much cooler things in NYC then hanging at an internet cafe.. but we'll see if my internet addiction takes hold. lol.

*Hugs* I'll miss you all, and I again want to apologize about being such a crap lj friend recently. I'm going to try to be much better when I return.

-- Side note, regarding LJ and the job losses, and what not.. It seems things were greatly exaggerated on other sites. I don't think LJ is going anywhere any time soon. Is it tacky they didn't offer severence? Yes. :( I feel very bad for the staff members that were effected, and especially for those who lost their jobs. I hope they find a better job and that this door closing opened a very pretty bay window for them. That they'll be better off financially, emotionally and mentally after this change.

As far as all the wank goes? It seems the user-base doesn't learn. It's a vicious circle. The more hell we give them, the less likely they are to let us know what's really going down. And is that crappy? Yes. But swearing at them and what not is so not helping. I wish more people in the public entries would try to express themselves in a more mature way. Wank never helps anything. Is it funny sometimes? Yeah. Does it ever make anything better? Nah not really. So.. just weighing in. What are your feelings, am I way off base?
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