November 7th, 2008

jesus read my lj

Music, Politics & Jobs

First off...

I know, putting this in God's hands, the right thing for America will be done on November 4."

Sarah Palin


Thank you to the LJ'r who linked me. :) *hugs*

And since i'm feeling generous the time has come once more for the delving into of Random's music collection.

I have at my disposal 4801 songs! You're gonna probably hate some of them, but so it goes. ;) If you don't like the one I give you, or you all ready have heard it, ask for another.

Here's the thing, due to copyright laws, you can only have downloaded music in your collection for 24 hours, so remember to delete after then, because I don't want ya'll getting in trouble.

So pick a number 1 - 4801 and I'll load up the corresponding song via sendspace or something similar. :)

Granted, it'll be even more strange when I reload itunes and it reshuffles, but oh well. More random that way, yeah?

Ooh, and your youtube:

Since some of you have this coming up...

How to Ace a Job interview. :)
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