October 19th, 2008

uncle sam ( I Want You)


So I need some advice.

Last night my boyfriend was at a club and his cell phone was stolen/lost. He got into a verbal altercation with the bouncer who kicked him out of the club and told him to come back when the club was closed. He did, and the bouncer started beating him up when he tried to enter the club to find his phone. The police came and maced him, then handcuffed him and AFTER handcuffing him, they tazed him.

They brought him down to a metropolitan city jail. They charged him with disorderly conduct and then while in an interrogation room, four white cops beat the crap out of him, while screaming racial expletives. ( My boyfriend is black.)

He's got a court date set, in a couple of weeks, not leaving him time to find much for proper representation, and he's very upset about what happened but is reluctant to get a lawyer and press charges because of the possible repercussions.

Have any of you gone through a similar situation? Can you offer any advice on how to proceed? I'm freaking out. Is Legal Aid open on Sunday?

Help? I am just so sick about this. My boyfriend is a good man, intelligent, not violent in anyway. He would not have provoked anyone into this, and even if he had this is unacceptable. It is not 1961. It's 2008 and this can't happen.

Here's your random fact of the day:

Mary Queen of Scots, the first known female golfer, coined the term “caddy” in 1552, calling her assistants cadets. During her reign, the famous golf course at St. Andrews was built.

And your youtube:

Ice skating bloopers. Even these couldn't make me smile.
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