October 11th, 2008

margie - HI!

Frankenstein's FIRST bride opened Pandora's Box and now she's afraid of her own shadow.

All right.. this has been a long time coming. Your FIRST comment results for the months of


In first place with a six way tie of one post each ( I can't believe I only posted six times last month. I suck so much. :( Sorry guys.) We have: la_dolce , amazingadrian , kulczar , monicarnsg , runeenigma and electrosoundwav


In first place with 2 posts we have: sleepygirl18 and ranka

And in second place with a 14 way tie of one post: sensibleken , dominatrixcat , eclecticposting , meglimir , bloody_kisser , harmonic_motion , watergal , jenniferline , sparklysparky , athenewolfe , witchylatina , chillygator , diner and vdkapenguin


In first place with 5 posts : monicarnsg

And in second place with 3 posts: eclecticposting


In first place with 7 posts: ranka

And in second place with 6 posts: monicarnsg

May ( This is going to look famiiar. ;) )

In first place with 7 posts: ranka

And in second place with 6 posts: monicarnsg

Here's your youtubes:


Kiddie A Go Go.. I really like old tv. I find it just fascinating. Pandora with her box is interesting, I think.


And here's a little girl terrified of her own shadow . Awwww....

And your factoid:

Elsa Lanchaster who played The Bride of Frankenstein in the James Whale film of the same title wasn't very tall. She spent the entire film trussed to stilts to give her a seven foot advantage. Strangely her supporting cast were even more unlucky with their legs. Colin Clive who played r. Frankenstein, broke his leg in a horse riding accident shortly before filming began and spent most of the movie seated and Boris Karloff ( The Monster) fell into a well during filming and emerged with a broken leg.
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