September 18th, 2008


Why am i watching a rerun of Wheel Of Fortune?

Dancers at a strip club in Tampa,
Fla., called the sheriff about a customer. "It was the way he was
acting," one said -- not just that he was intoxicated, but it was the
baby. "I asked, 'Where's the mom?'," the dancer said, but the man was
"evasive" about why he had the 6-month-old, and what he was doing with
it. Finally, the man blurted out his plan: "I need someone to watch the
baby for a week or two," he told the dancer, Minouche Eliasin. "I'll
come back," he promised. "You guys are so nice. Thanks, I appreciate
it." By then deputies had arrived and charged Robert Hancock, 44, with
child neglect. (Tampa Tribune)

David Hasselhoff with a lightsaber?
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