August 22nd, 2008

love as thou wilt

Books & Second Floor Dungeon

What's the last book you read?

What are you currently reading?


The last book I read was Gemma and the Baby Chick, to my son about ten minutes ago. lol. Prior to that, the last book I read was Kushiel's Mercy.

What am I currently reading?

Well, besides the bathroom readers that I use for random facts, I just started an Anne Bishop trilogy, that a girl I met at a party insisted I would love. I don't remember the name but I'm 2 pages in and it's good so far. lol. I need to sit down and read it but most of the books I touch lately I sell instead of read. Eep! And I gotta read it fast her husband was in the middle of it. Crap crap crap. Just remembered I need to really get on that.

How about you guys?
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