August 19th, 2008

Puddle Graphic

Anyone have basic ingredients I can steal so I can make some soup? lol

And an NBA Proposal gone wrong.

"Rarely in history has anyone enjoyed the perks of divine anointment with as much vigor as Pope John XII. As Mel Brooks might say, 'It's good to be the pope!'

Born Octavian (or Octavius), John XII was pope for his entire adult life, which has to do something strange to a man's outlook. He took the office somewhere between his 16th and 18th birthdays, the result of aggressive politicking by his father, Alberic, the secular ruler of Rome.

On Alberic's death, John XII became both the political leader of Rome and the head of the Catholic Church. Unfortunately, he was better suited to royal privilege than theological infallibility. (John was known to raise a glass in honor of Satan every now and again.)

Upon his ascension around 955 C.E., John XII ushered in an age of profligate debauchery not seen since the Caesars were running the joint. John liked hunting with his male buddies and humping with his female buddies. He also liked humping with his male buddies. Any warm body in Rome was liable to be humped during his tenure. In addition to indulging his own considerable libido, John encouraged everyone else to hump as well.

Rome was a very sticky place in those days. John indulged his lust as he saw fit, including orgies in the halls of St. John Lateran, the most prestigious cathedral in Christendom, and sex on the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul. He particularly enjoyed doing widows and virgins. Among his many conquests, John XII had sex with his niece, his sisters and his mother."

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