July 30th, 2008

pans hugs

All around me are familiar faces...

Cockroaches can flatten themselves almost to the thinness of a piece of paper in order to slide into tiny cracks, can be frozen for weeks and then thawed with no ill effect, and cal also withstand 126 g's of pressure with no problem. ( People get squished at 18 g's.)

I really hope that's a flawed fact.. but something tells me it's not. *whimper*
And Iraq pictures to the song Mad World.


I thought it was moving in most parts, and honest. I know we have a lot of very varied feelings on Iraq for those assembled here, but I do support the troops as a whole. There's bad sorts in every single group out there. I don't think we can judge all the military based on the scumbags that are killing puppies and attacking civillians, just as we can't judge Muslims based on the attack of the Twin Towers. Etc. So I will take no flack for posting it. From either side. lol. I mean.. you can give it. I won't unfriend you. But I'll give you hell back. :)

Also, how did ya'll not tell me how addicting freakin' Facebook is. I got one for my real life persona.. and now I think I need to make a Random one as well. I'm spending way too much time online all ready.
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