July 17th, 2008

sweet dreams

Who has insomnia besides me?

Count Gianni Caproni was an Italian nobleman who owned an airplane factory and built bombers for the Italian Air Force in 1914 and 1915. Yet for some reason, when he set out to build a seaplane that could fly from Italy all the way to New York, he ignored all of his practical experience. Instead of building a plane that could land on water, he took a ~houseboat and added wings. Nine wings. Three in the front, three in the middle and three in the back. -- And 8 engines. (Four on the front wings to pull the plane, and four on the back wings to push it. ) On March 4 1921, his test pilot fired up the engies, taxied across Lake Maggiore and took off... sort of. The craft got about 60 feet into the air, then suddenly nose-dived, broke into pieces, and slammed into the lake. The pilot survived but Count Caproni's image did not. His reputation for commercial aircraft thoroughly blackened." Bill Yenne writes in The Worlds Worst Aircraft, "Caproni skulked away into oblivion."


And people interviewing andom US citizens wiht the question "Should all U.S. Muslims Carry a Special ID."

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