June 2nd, 2008

voldy smiling

Snakes & Smiles

According to legend, a basilisk was produced when a chicken egg was hatched under a toad or a serpent. There were, according to legend, several species of this animal. One species burned up whatever they approached; a second were a kind of wandering Medusa's heads, and their look caused an instant horror which was immediately followed by death. The basilisks were called kings of serpents because all other serpents and snakes, behaving like good subjects and wisely not wishing to be burned up or struck dead, fled the moment they heard the distant hiss of their king, although they might be in full feed upon the most delicious prey, leaving the sole enjoyment of the banquet to the royal monster.


And Lazy Town, cause it makes me happy. :) I have been brainwashed by childrens television.
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