May 20th, 2008

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Communication, Respect & Honesty

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your nominations to the LJ Advisory board position, and your continued support. I am posting here to provide more information about my vision of LJ, what I want to see for the future and some more information about myself.

1) What do you think is the value of LJ?

First, and foremost the value of LJ is the community. The diverse and wonderful group of bloggers from all over the world make this site. All of the users are more enriched by their membership. Without each and every one of us there would be a void. We need to continue to make this place welcoming and positive to encourage new users to join, and to keep those of us that are all ready present confident in continuing to live here. We share our most personal thoughts, our art, our accomplishments and our losses on our blogs, and we need to feel safe in doing so. Our content is what keeps this community interwoven.

LJ brings people together; People that might not have had the opportunity to know each other without this outlet. I have made many dear friends whom I love through this site and know many of you have done so as well.

2) What changes would you like to see LJ make in the next year?

I think the most important change that can be made is for LJ to be more candid and honest with their communication. There have been a lot of underhanded decisions made in the past year, and I think it's important that we have input in some choices that are made. Even if they do not decide to change their policies and procedures I feel it is very important that they communicate any changes to us. It is necessary that LJ and their staff and elected members show respect to the userbase.

Specifically I want to see:

-The free non-ad-based accounts return as an option.
-More control over the ability to remove bots and spammers from your profile when they've added you as a friend. I understand that it can be very uncomfortable having a user who represents something you disagree with listed on your profile, and having them list you. This would not change their ability to see unlocked posts, but it would give many people peace of mind.
- Instill very clear terms of service and not change them at a whim.
- Create two more elected user positions next year. I think that if we have more members of the community represented on the board, it would be a positive change.

3) Why do you want to be the elected representative?

I am a very positive person. I feel that is something that has been missing from livejournal recently, and I know that I can be a positive voice of change. I have a broad and diverse friendslist that helps me focus on issues that concern the userbase of LJ. I have very good communication skills, and most of all, I listen. I listen to those things that concern our community and I will bring your concerns to the board, and your voice will be heard.

I am active in roleplay, so I have a very specific interest in fandom, and freedom of speech for those users who participate in that rich and vibrant aspect of LJ. I am also a Mother, and am fiercely protective of children. I think that locked posts are the way to go for those things that are inappropriate for a child to come across on the site, but I also think that it is a parents duty to supervise their children so that they don't happen upon things that are inappropriate for them. Legally, LJ has to be very careful with what they allow and I understand this, but I think there needs to be more communication and clearer guidelines on all levels of LJ.

4) What do you think are the community's greatest concerns?

I have addresed most of this above, but am happy to reiterate here.
Communication, Respect and Honesty.

If all three of these tenets are observed and followed by LJ staff and owners toward the community, and vice versa I think most of the problems that we have been facing will be vastly improved. Many of us have lost a lot of respect for Livejournal over the past couple of years and I know it will be a trial for some to allow that respect to grow again, but I truly believe that it can and will happen. We are all still here for a reason, and that is because this community is incredible. We have the tools and the power to make this community great once again.

I promise to do all that I can to bring my ideals and passion for LJ to the advisory board. I also promise to answer any and all questions that any of you bring to me. I post daily and will respond to your concerns.

Peace and blessings on you all,
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