April 28th, 2008

cheers al


Steve Leech, a milkman in Cornwall England was making his regular deliveries one morning when he noticed smoke pouring out of a gift shop along his route. He called 999 ( The English equivalant of 911) but then decided not to wait for the fire fighters to arrive. "I saw the row of apartments up above the shop, and I thought, bloody hell, I'd better do something!" What did Leech do? He kicked open the door of the ship and started pouring milk in the fire. By the time the firefighters arrived `5 minutes later, the ire was under control -- and Leech is credited with saving the row of eight shops, as well as the lives of the people living in the apartments above them. "It was hard work opening all thos bottles, since they have tamper-proof lids, but it was even harder to eplain to my boss where all the milk (320 pints) had gone" Leech neednt have worried about his boss -- he not only kept his job, in january 2002 England's National Dairymen's association named him the "Hero Milkman of the Millennium."

Have you ever saved anyone?


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