April 13th, 2008

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The Demon Barber of the beginning of the world.


Disco Sweeney Todd. ;)

Been awhile since a creation story, so here you go. :)

n the myths of Northern Europe it is said that before the world was created there was just space. Then Niflheim, a world of clouds and shadows, formed in the north. And in it a fountain spurted cold water that turned into rivers of ifce. In the south was Muspellheim, a land of fire. Warm air blew from this fiery region onto the icy north and started to melt it. The melting water created a sea named Ginunngagap, and out of it was born a giant whose name was Ymir.
The ice continued to melt, and a cow was created out of it. The cow licked salt, so she licked the salt off of the icy rocks. One day as she licked a rock, a hair appeared. After three days of licking, a man emerged. His name was Buri. Buri's grandchildren became gods. They did not like Ymir and killed him. When he died his head became the sky and his flesh became thland. And so the world began.
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