April 9th, 2008

Puddle Graphic

How does one caption this combination? I think I'm gonna not.

Pope Stephen VI ordered that the body of his predecessor Pope Formosus be removed from its tomb and brought to the papal court for judgement [court trail]. (He had been dead 9 months prior to his body being put on the stand.) Because the body was in no state to speak for itself, an interpreter was assigned to stand next to the body to answer on behalf of Formosus.
Formosus was accused of violating canon law, perjury, and of serving as a bishop while actually a layman. Stephen had the body stripped of its papal vestments, cut off the three fingers of his right hand used for blessings, and declared all of his acts and ordinations (including his ordination of Stephen VI as bishop of Anagni) invalid. The body was finally interred in a graveyard for foreigners, only to be dug up once again, tied to weights, and cast into the Tiber. A fisherman later pulled the body from the Tiber to give it a proper burial. 

And... Charles Manson freaks me out. I didn't realize there was a musical aspect to his crazy either. Strange.

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