March 16th, 2008

Phone & Pin Up Girl

Scandals & Lies! And on a Sunday!

In the early morning of June 17th, 1972, an $80 a week security guard named Frank Wills was patrolling the parking garage of an office complex in Washington D.C. He noticed that someone had used adhesive tape to prevent a stairell door from latching. Wills removed teh tape and continued on his rounds... but when he returned to the same door at 2:00 AM, he saw it had been taped again. So he called the police who disccovered a team of burglars planting bugs in an office leased by the Democratic National Committee. This "third-rate burglary" and the coverup that folllwed-- grew into the Watergate scandal that forced President Richard M. Nixon to resign from office in 1974.

And how to detect a lie. :) Good stuff.

And man.. I don't lie unless it's a joke, like april fools day, but I don't do any of these things. I could totally be a CIA agent. Too many years in theatre I think.

Except for that overly specific thing, but I'm like that in everything. Honest or non.

And in a recent poll 91% of Americans reported lying on a regular basis.

That's super tacky. :(
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