March 13th, 2008

childlike empress

Hairdo's, Advice for the living from the dying, and I've decided to run for the LJ elected board.

" I was trying to create something different, so I went with a kind of Soutwestern Pancho Villa woman look. The buns are basically from turn-of-the-century Mexico. " - George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars series, regarding Princess Leia's famous do.

And I don't usually post things from Oprah, but the end of this made me cry, and I think it's some really good stuff. It's long, but I felt it was worth it. It's "Last Advice, With One Month To Live."

In other news, after the whole situation where LJ decided to do away with basic ( free, non sponsored, non advertisement ) accounts in the future... ( Your current account is safe if it was made before March 12th 2008.) -- Read here for all the gory details. The fun gets started about page 2. Specifically this dude's response: The VP of product development said that the reason they've taken away our ability to have future free accounts is beause it was just too confusing for us silly internet users, to make accounts that were basic. But they've made it much easier to make them now that they'll have advertising for everyone.

Soo... I've decided with how deep into LJ I am, and aware of users concerns, and completely open to people coming to me with future issues that I am going to run for the elected board.

Even if it means I lose my anonymity.. Which would suck.. But it's still more important to be a voice for the users of LJ and I think I can be that, especially with the broad userbase of all of YOU! I read your journals every day. You are all so diverse, from your fandoms, your age, your religions, your geopgrahic locations.. all of it. And if I am elected, I want you all to know that as far as I can tell things aren't going to change here except that in addition to my regular factoid, jokes, caption contests and youtubes, I may occasionally ask for feedback, should I be elected.

Because we all need a little random in our politcs...

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