March 5th, 2008

sound of music - i feel a song

Have a song! :)

So first your youtube:

The Lynwood Beauty Academy. Enjoy. ;)

And now part two!

I'm doing that thing where people load up their music to share with their journallers, to get new music out there that you may.. or may not like. lol.

So... I have 4312 songs on my Itunes right now, and they've just been shuffled/randomized.

Pick a number between 1 and 4312 and I will load up a song for you and post it here so that you can take a listen and see if it's something you'd be interested in or not. :)

(Now because of copyright legalities and the like, I'm required by law to let you know that the recording artists unions and all that jazz allow internet downloaded music to be kept for 24 hours before it must be deleted off of your hard drive, or you could be prosecuted. )

So yeah! On to the music. :)

I'm going to bed in a bit here, but I'll start loading things up as soon as I'm back, or if the insomnia hits again, It's a weird mix of music, but you probably all gathered that. Very musical-broadway heavy. Just a heads up. ;)

ETA - Also, I know these probably aren't all your cup of tea, so if you don't like what I've loaded up for you initially, go ahead and feel free to pick a different number and we'll see if that's more your style. :)
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