January 20th, 2008


You only get one family.

I'm asking for a favor. :)

A lot of you may consider it an invasion into your private lives, but it's important to me, so I'm asking anyway.

Those of you whose parents are alive, and you're in a relationship where you love them, and they love you and all that good stuff. Please hug them if they're near, or call them if they're not. Take them to a meal, tell them how much you appreciate them, and that you love them.

Those of you that have issues with your parents, ask yourself if you would regret not telling them you loved them if you got a call tomorrow that said they were gone. And if the answer is yes, I hope you're able to repair your relationship with them.

If your parents are gone, or if your answer is no, I hope you'll at least remind those around you that you love how you feel about them. Because it sure is nice to hear. And to say too.

So yeah! There's my PSA. Sorry if it went too far. I just felt compelled to post it.

From someone who still misses her Mom, years after missing an opportunity to say "I love you." Anyone have a time-turner?


So in honor of the woman who bore me, have a video from Scent of a Woman. Who doesn't love to tango?
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