August 14th, 2007


Something from News of the Weird, and sad cartoons!

hymn posted this yesterday, and I teared up!!! I'm a total loser. It's the death of David The Gnome and his wife. Wth!?! They killed him? I sniffled. Maybe even had tears rolling down my cheeks. I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations...

Two employees of a restaurant outside New Castle,
Del., went into the office after closing and found a man inside. The
man ran out the back door, but was caught by police nearby. Police
identified him as Branden M. Tingey, 28, who was a manager at the
restaurant three years ago, but was fired. "This was a burglary," said
police Cpl. Joseph DiStefano. "He meant to rob the safe." The problem
was, he didn't know how. Investigators checked a computer in the office
and found Tingey was trying to get instructions over the Internet. "The
[current restaurant] manager moved the mouse on the darkened screen"
for investigators, DiStefano said, "and 'How to Crack a Safe' came up
on the screen on the Yahoo page." (Wilmington News Journal)
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