April 24th, 2007

Puddle Graphic

Argh. I'm just having a bad day. I hope all of yours are going better then mine.


Kung Fu Baby! Hysterical!!!!!

And Spazz is a letter I use to spell Spazzim
A beast who belongs to the Nazzim of Bazzim.
Handy for traveling. That's why he has 'im.
More easy to pack than a suitcase or grip,
Those horns carry all that he needs on a trip:
A thread and a needle for mending his socks,
His toothbrush,
A cup,
And two three-handed clocks.
And his velvet umbrella,
His vegetable chopper,
And also his gold-plated popping-corn popper
And a grasshopper cage for his favorite grass hopper.
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    Kissyfur, and my son whining.