April 21st, 2007

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Well, would you wear a cat hair sweater?

LAKEWOOD - It is not faux fur, but could become the latest fashion fad.

Suzanne Owen owns a hand-crafted sweater made out of cat fur.

Owen collected every hair her cat, Smokey, shed to create the one-of-a-kind feline sweater.

Every time Smokey was brushed or groomed, Owen saved the loose fur in plastic baggies.

Once 5 pounds of Smokey"s fur was collected, VIP Fibers in California spun the fur into yarn.

It was one of Owen"s co-workers who knitted the yarn into a luxurious soft, hand woven sweater.

Owen admitted she gets mixed reactions about her new sweater, she has even been labeled the "crazy cat lady."

No matter what people think about Owen"s sweater, she says watching people"s reaction is her favorite thing about her sweater.

The company, VIP Fibers, spins other pet fur into yarn, including dogs.

For more information about VIP Fibers go to http://www.vipfibers.com.

If so... there ya go. lol. Have at it, but all of your allergic friends may be mad. ;)


And a video of Osaka prewar.
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