April 14th, 2007


How old were you the first time you got in trouble with the lawr?


Saturday, March 31, 2007 5:08:33 PM

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A kindergartener was handcuffed and taken to the Highlands County Jail after acting up in school.

Desre'e Watson's mom says she couldn't believe it when she got the call that her 6-year-old daughter was arrested and jailed on felony charges.

Police say the girl became violent. They say she threw chairs and hit a teacher. But her mom says she's never seen that kind of behavior and believes something must have brought it on.

"I was upset simply fact they handcuffed her and took her to jail, but I just want to find out what really went on,” Lateshia Wilson said.

The 6-year-old faces three charges: disruption of a school function, battery on school employees and resisting arrest. The State Attorney's Office will now decide whether to prosecute or drop the charges.

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