July 12th, 2006


Say my name, say my name..

1 Jacob Emily
2 Michael Emma
3 Joshua Madison
4 Matthew Abigail
5 Ethan Olivia

That's according to one of the baby sites as the top five in each gender catergory last year.

Though almost all of those were on the lists you gabe me, the majority of them differ. :)

7 Votes - Matthew (Or Matt)
5 Votes - Alexander (Or Xander)
4 Votes - James, Christopher, Robert (Bobby, or Bob as well) , Gabriel
3 Votes - Steven/Stephen (Steve), Michael (Michel), Mark/Markus
2 Votes - Adam, Erik, Maximus, Dylan, Ryan, Jonathan, Jack, Sebastian/Bastion, Benjamin/Ben, Tobias/Toby, Ethan, Nathaniel, Dimitri, William.

3 Votes - Charlotte, Alice, Elizabeth/Lizzy, Katharine/Kate, Gwendolyn/Gwen, Rebecca/Becca
2 Votes - Johanna, Melissa, Rhiannon, Cassandra/Cassie, Lily/Lillie, Emily, Jessica.

I'm not gonna list all the ones that received only one vote... but I would definitely go take a look if you haven't yet. Lots of fun to be had. :)

And this is one of my very favorite Youtube links. I'm totally gonna download this to my computer. It makes every bad day instantly better. For real.

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