June 26th, 2006

Puddle Graphic

I flossed too hard.


Two Bulgarian prisoners have sewn up their mouths and are refusing to eat until they are allowed to watch the World Cup.

Prison director Vesselin Kotzev said the two lifers, serving time in the Pazardzhik jail, had demanded a TV in their cells.

He said they had also asked for unlimited supplies of tea, coffee and cigarettes.

Kotzev said: "I am negotiating with them to convince them that sealing their mouths is not the way to put forward their demands, which are unrealistic."

The pair, who left a small part of their mouths unstitched so they can still smoke, warned another 15 prisoners would follow suit if their demands were not met.


Now... this is making some outrageous claims. Suggesting that Bayer sent medicine they knew to be infected with the AIDS virus overseas.

Anyone know anything about this? Watch? I mean.. it's filled with spin just because of the words used, to inspire visions of innocent dying children... but is there any truth in this cloud of confusion?
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