May 27th, 2006

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Video postings!

It's that time again.. where I share with you a selection of different videos of varying content that I have collected from the masses... in other words you guys. ;) I'll put descriptions with them, but very, very many are nooooot work safe. I decided to do 15 this time.. just too much great stuff not to share. Sorry if it's long, but I'm sure you'll find some happiness herein.

1. Evolution of Dance. I'm sure you've all seen it, but just on the off chance that any of you haven't it must be shared... besides, it's fun to watch again and again. I do it all the time. hehe. It's an instant pick me up!

2. One of the coolest things I have EVER seen. If you like Mario Brothers, you will be very impressed... live action Mario at a talent show. Hysterical.

3. *STARE!!!!!!!!!!* David Hasselhoff doing a very interesting cover of the Ooga Chucka - I can't Stop This Feeling, song... amazing. LOL

4. RENT fans and Harry Potter fans unite! It's a remix to La Vie Boheme, with Harry Potter images. Some are REALLY funny.

5. Dutch Greats Hocus Pocus... sooo worth it for the expressions of the lead singer. *eyes wiiiide*

6. Uncovered scenes from the Original Star Wars ( A New Hope!) Really cool! I feel bad for them. They probably put Star Wars on their resume and no one believed them!

7. Robot Chicken, Darth Vader- Emperor skit. So funny. :)

8. Some cool lipsynching and other things to a Kelly Clarkson song, with some talented boys. Hard to explain.

9. Square Bashing. Monty Python skit.

10. Desperate "Classic" Housewives... the housewives after a number of years and menopause. Funny.

11. Cute. :)

12. Darth Vader... the conductor? Yay. Legos and music...

13. William Shatner... and Shakespeare... rapping? LOL Yes. Rap.

14. One of my favorite Monty Python skits EVER. So funny! Impressive wording, by the actors.

15. A cool 70s toy! I want one. It's a Bing Bong Boing! How did I never have a bing bong boing? Did my sister have one!? I feel so deprived. Totally checking out Ebay to find one. Ooh! Other toys on here too. It's lovely.

Oh, and donate tampons to needy women. It's free and will help homeless and such.

I promise no more links for a long time. :) Even though I have waaaay more to post. In a month or so, there'll be more. ;)
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