May 26th, 2006

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Long, but worth it. The Princess of Death.

(Whoopsies. Posted before I checked snopes. It's not true. Still an interesting read though, I think. ;) )

Egyptologist Douglas Murray neither liked nor trusted the dishevelled
American who sought him out in Cairo in 1910. The man had a furtive manner
and appeared to be in the final stages of disease. But Murray, a refined
Briton, could not resist the blandishments of his disreputable visitor - for
the American was offering him the most priceless find of his career.

It was the mummy-case of a high princess in the temple of Ammon-Ra, who was
supposed to have lived in Thebes in 1600BC. The outside of the case bore the
image of the princess, exquisitely worked in enamel and gold. The case was
in an excellent state of preservation.

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