March 5th, 2006



Hey loves.

I've done something I hate to do, and that is ban a user.

I would think it would go without saying, but as it happened, I'm going to make it clear...

Anyone who looks up information regarding any other livejournal user in this journal and then posts that shit is getting banned. That is NOT okay. You don't screw with people internet information. I will not only ban you, I will report you. I'm very angry regarding this, and I've had a long weekend and it's only Sunday. Don't mess with me today, or you may regret it.

I don't enjoy identity theft qualities. I've had too many people I care about hurt by it, and if you show me any signs that you're going to mess with that shit, I will do everything within my livejournal abilities to make sure you're not able to do that.

Also, I welcome debate on this journal, I think it's great! I love it. It's what makes this journal different from a feed, what probably part of why some of you enjoy it. There's interaction, and it has the ability to be a lot of fun.

When people take that fun away by extreme stereotyping and name calling, I become a very angry random.

When people start threatening?

I bring out my nun-gearand my gun.

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You've been warned.