January 1st, 2006



Russians and Americans have sex more then twice as often as the Spanish, according to a survey by the makers of durex condoms. The poll of 10,000 sexually active adults in 15 countries found that Russians had sexual intercourse an average of 135 times a year, and Americans 133 times. Thais had sex 71 times a year, and Spaniards 64 times. Singaporeans make love an average of 89 times a year, compared with 77 times for Hong Kong citizens and 67 times for Malaysians. The French topped the list with 168 times. The global average is 119 times.
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Whoops! I forgot

All right! So our winners tied for first place with three first comments each in the month of December are:

boiledhamster , eclecticposting.

Tied for second place with two first posts each are:

barcodegurl , bestet, erbody_doing_it , lamegatorade304 , and tsebaoth!

Quite the group this time around. :) Well done, all.. sorry it was almost late.

I hope the end of your 2005 was lovely, and that your 2006 is beautiful.
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