November 5th, 2005

Puddle Graphic

Whatcha wearing? :)

It's that time again! The time where you describe every peice of clothing on your hawt body. For me it is:
1. A pair of black panties with lilac lace on the top, and a little metal heart that hangs right in the middle.
2. A matching bra -- Oh, I'm so co-ordinated.
3. Grey sweat pants -- uh oh. Sexy clothes just went to hell right there, didn't they? ;)
4. Navy blue Imperial Domination shirt, with the Imperial symbol on it. Hells yeah. Darth Vader's my Daddy.
5. Socks with little yellow rubber duckies on them.
6. A navy blue scrunchie.
7. Glasses! Too lazy for contacts today.

All right. Your turn to virtually undress yourselves on my journal. :)