September 24th, 2005


I totally posted this, this morning.. but privately. LOL. Whoops!

A worthy woman there was from near the city
Of Bath, but somewhat deaf, and more's the
For weaving she possessed so great a bent
She outdid the people of Ypres and Ghent.
No other woman dreamed of such a thing
As to precede her at the offering,
Or if any did, she fellin such a wrath
She dried up all the charity in Bath.
She wore fine kerchiefs of old-fashioned air,
And on a Sunday morning, I could swear,
She had ten pounds of linen on her head.
Her stockings were of finest scarlet-red,
Laced tightly, and her shoes were soft and new.
Bold was her face, and fair, and red in hue.
She had been an excellent woman all her life.
Five men in turn had taken her to wife,
Omitting other youthful company--
But let that pass for now! Over the sea
She had traveled freely; many a distant stream
She crossed, and visited Jerusalem
Three times. She had been at Rome and at
At the shrile of Pompostella, and at Cologne.
She had wandered by the way through many a
Her teeth were set with little gaps between.
Easily on her ambling horse she sat.
She was well whimpled, and she wore a hat
As wide in circuit as a shield of targe.
A skirt swathed up her hips, and they were
Upon her feet she wore sharp-roweled spurs.
She was a good fellow; a ready tongue was hers.
All remedies of love she knew by name,
For she had all the tricks of that old game.
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