September 19th, 2005

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Sometimes you hope there's a hell.

In past centuries infants in China were sometimes kidnapped and turned into “animal children”. Every day, starting with the back, the captors would remove a bit of the unfortunate child’s skin and transplant pieces of the hide of a bear or dog in it’s place. The process was tedious, for the hide adered only in spots, and the children had a habit of dying in the midst of treatment. The captors also destroyed their victims’ vocal cords, forced them by means of mechanical contraptions to walk on all fours, and tortured them to such an extent that the innocents were soon bereft of all reason. One result of such atrocities was the “wilkd boy of Kiangse” exhibited in the nineteenth century before a group of westerners in China. The child walked on all fours, made a peculiar barking sound, and was covered with a fuzzy, leathery kind of hide. An American doctor named Macgowan who witnessed this spectacle recorded that another method of creating child-monsters in China was to deprive the children of light for several years so that their bones would become deformed. At the same time they were fed certain foods and drugs that utterly debilitated them. Macgowan mentioned an Oriental priest who subjected a kidnapped boy to this treatment and then displayed him to incredulous observes, claiming he was a religious deity. The child looked like wax, having been fed a diet consisting mostly of lard. He squatted with his palms together and was a driveling idiot. The monk, Macgowan added, was arrested but managed to escape. His temple was burned to the ground.
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