August 4th, 2005

Puddle Graphic

Bastards, the whole lot o' them!

Some of the most renowned men and women in history and art were born bastards. Among this very imposing list are the following:
Alexander Hamilton, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
Sarah Bernhardt, World famous actress
William The Conquerer, The first Norman ruler of England
Jenny Lind, renowned singer
Marilyn Monroe, world famous actress and movie star
Givoanni Boccaccio, the Italian author of X-rated stories
Frederic Douglass, famous abolitionist
Alexandre Dumas, French novelist and playwright
Leonardo da Vinci, Great inventor and artist
Bernardo O’Higgins, one of the liberators of South America
Richard Wagner, famous German composter
Josephine, Wife of Napolean
Juan Peron, Argentine president
-- And countless more. :)

Are you a bastard?

Legally I am, because my Mom was pregnant when she got married to my Dad.. but she got married, so I guess it's up for debate.
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