July 2nd, 2005

Puddle Graphic

Kinda late, but here you are.

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Why don't I have one of those doing my manicure?

And that time has come again! A new month!

A new posting leader! ;)

Congratulations to:

benneh_boy3 Who is this months leader with 5 first posts! Woot. You rule. ;)

No tie for second place. Only one poster. :)

ahx_fedora With four! Not bad... but still not good enough to win. better luck next time. ;) jk.

So you should all go and strip, or seduce benneh_boy3 as a result of their obvious ability to rock. ;)

And to the 3 of you who had 3 first posts last time. You rock too. But not enough to have your names mentioned. hehe. Love you all really. ;)
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Puddle Graphic


in February, Welsh rugby fan Geoff Huish, 26, was so certain Wales
would lose to England that he told club patrons in Caerphilly that
he'd "cut [his] balls off" if Wales won. Immediately following
Wales's 11-9 victory, Huish went home, fulfilled his promise, and
walked, gingerly, back to the club to show that he was a "man" of
his word.
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