March 7th, 2005

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Why not tooth paste and ramen?

Some of the well-intentioned donations for victims of the
December tsunami are bewilderingly inappropriate (such as ski
jackets and Viagra), according to a February Wall Street Journal
dispatch from Sri Lanka. Relief workers are being distracted by
shipments of, for example, moisturizing gel, sweaters, women's
dress shoes, Arctic-weather tents, and thong underwear. Crucial
medicines were in short supply, but not Valium, anti-depressants,
or drugs with labels in languages that local doctors could not read.
As the Journal wrote, some doctors "appear [just] to have unloaded
their sample bins."
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Recently, the Alliance for Animals, the Dane County Friends of Ferals, and Madison business MadCat found out that the DNR's Conservation Congress will be considering a proposal regarding the legal designation of feral cats at the annual Spring Hearings on April 11, 2005. The proposal is clearly designed to be the first step in allowing the unregulated hunting of feral cats. In addition, it would also apply to cats without collars and cats not under the "owner's direct control."
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