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Every sperm is sacred.


Sperm race TV show launched in Germany

A new reality TV show has been launched in Germany to find the man with the fastest sperm.

The sperm will be attracted to the finishing line by a chemical lure identical to that emitted by the female egg in the womb.

The aim is to find Germany's most virile man in a new reality show being dubbed Sperm Race.

Twelve men, including two celebrities and a 'health freak', will take part in the show set to be aired later this year.

The show will follow the contestants as they make donations at a sperm bank. The frozen sperm will then be transported to the studio in Cologne.

Borris Brandt, 43, head of production company Endemol in Germany, rejected protests that the show was unethical, saying no human eggs would be fertilised.

"The main prize in the competition is a Porsche, not a baby. It's actually a very scientific programme and the topic of fertility is massive in Germany at the moment," he said.

The sperm will be released into a test tube in which a chemical substance will draw the fluid towards it

The winner will be pronounced by a team of doctors including a gynaecologist, an andrologist and a urologist.

Brandt added: "The programme isn't immoral. We're only testing, we're not conceiving

-- Randomposting stole this from WhoisFranco.. but realized it had to be shared with the world...

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