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Zebra stuff.

Black stripes on white or white stripes on black? Some zebras are born with unfully formed stripes that seem to indicate a black background, pigment, or skin color with white stripes. But, how can zebra stripes be useful for camouflage? Since a lion, one of the zebra's main predators, is color blind, the pattern of the zebra's stripes is more crucial than color for the zebra to blend with its background. A mass of blended stripes from a large, moving group of zebras makes it difficult for the lion to plan an attack on any specific zebra. Like fingerprints, zebras have uniquely identifiable stripes -- useful to one another and scientists. They seem to get some kind of pleasure from looking at stripes. Stripes seem to be so important to the zebra that black and white stripes painted on a wall will attract zebras to group near the wall.

I couldn't find what I originally wanted to post about them, but one day, one day soon there will be more zebra info. So, yes. Be prepared for it...it's gonna happen!

And you're gonna wanna watch this if you liked the 80's at all... ;)

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