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Always a bridesmaid..

The original role of the bridesmaid (and the best man) was to protect the bride from being carried off by any of the grooms rivals who took a fancy to her before her wedding took place. Nowadays the role is primarily decorative, but the conduct of bridesmaids remains significant in ters of superstition. A bridesmaid who trips on her way up the aisle, for instance, is destined to remain a spinster, though if she catches the bride’s bouquet she will soon be married herself. Throwing away a pin on the wedding day is lucky, but a bridesmaid pricked by a pin is a sign of ill luck. Matrons of honour fullfilling the role of bridesmaid are considered especially lucky for the bride, representing as they do the benefits of married life. It is unlucky, however, for a girl to act as bridesmaid too many times. If she is three times a bridesmaid she is fated never to be married -- unless she can arrange to severe in the same capacity a furhter four times. The most propitous colours for a bridesmaid’s dress are blue, pink and yellow.


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