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Everybody loves braids! [Jul. 27th, 2006|01:08 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Project Runway. I wonder who gets kicked off next week.]

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Funny nonsafe commercially thing..

[User Picture]From: emteee
2006-07-28 04:39 am (UTC)
*kee kee keee!!!*
I STILL miss Austin!
I was also longing, last night, for some of Santino's Tim Gunn impressions:
Andre, stop. You're embarassing me in front of my colleagues at the Red Lobster . . .
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[User Picture]From: randomposting
2006-07-28 06:15 am (UTC)
Oh God. I HATE Santino!!! I want him to be sent to a secluded island because it would be his worst nightmare.

But I love Austin! He's my favourite!!!
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[User Picture]From: emteee
2006-07-28 01:34 pm (UTC)
I should have clarified: I - along with what I would imagine would be the rest of the world - loathe Santino, but the patter about Tim Gunn cracked me up! Then again, I am Easily Amused . . .

I actually made a post of my favorite quotes from that season of Project Runway on March 1st and no one replied! I wear it as a badge of honor, that I made a post that didn't garner even one reply of feigned interest or inquiry. Number of comments: Zero!
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[User Picture]From: randomposting
2006-07-29 12:46 am (UTC)

I think I was busy in March.

I can honestly say I don't think any of my entries haven't even got one response.

I think I'd cry.
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[User Picture]From: emteee
2006-07-29 12:33 pm (UTC)
You didn't know me in March, so no worries!
I didn't mind the fact that it garnered no responses; I wear it as a badge of honor, as it fits in with My Manifesto:

To those reckless or bored enough to visit THE WORLD'S LAMEST LIVEJOURNAL, I humbly offer this manifesto:

I promise that this Live Journal shall remain as fabulously lame in the future as it is now.
I promise not to try to make it visually interesting through pathetic attempts at graphic greatness. No color. No pics. Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero.
I promise to only make random entries of potentially little interest to anyone other than myself and the easily amused.
I promise that these random entries shall serve to try to get Moro started, just 'cause I like to see if I can.
I promise that there will be no links whatsoever, only because I'm too useless to create them.
I promise there will be no cohesiveness to the posts that I do make. Rickman? Sure. Anything else? It's all fair game.
I promise there will be no attempts at profound statements, although I do retain the right to engage in intelligent discussion on other forums, blogs, and journals as I do have a brain that enjoys the occasional spin around the block.

I assure you it will only get worse from here on out.

Consider yourself warned with affection-
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