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One of you has too much time on your hands.

lueBizznatch887 (1:38:32 AM): Hi
LJRandomposting (1:38:46 AM): Evenin'
BlueBizznatch887 (1:38:56 AM): are u online a lot?
LJRandomposting (1:39:49 AM): nope
BlueBizznatch887 (1:39:58 AM): why not?
BlueBizznatch887 (1:41:10 AM): ???
LJRandomposting (1:41:39 AM): I have a life. Who is this?
BlueBizznatch887 (1:41:49 AM): andy 35/male/california
LJRandomposting (1:41:59 AM): Oh for Godsake. You're not even on my LJ?
BlueBizznatch887 (1:42:09 AM): huh?
LJRandomposting (1:42:24 AM): How did you find my name?
BlueBizznatch887 (1:42:31 AM): I dunon about that one
LJRandomposting (1:42:38 AM): Freakin'lovely.
BlueBizznatch887 (1:42:47 AM): -:P
LJRandomposting (1:43:05 AM): Stop IM'ng me now. I've had a bad day and the fact that you exist is making it worse.
BlueBizznatch887 (1:43:21 AM): really? i wasn't aware of my involvement
BlueBizznatch887 (1:43:28 AM): You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot prank all your friends by visiting cyberprank(dot)com
“BlueBizznatch887” signed off at 1:43:29 AM.


And your regular randompost...

Gallaudet the famed college for the hearing-impaired took on a bunch of collegiate all stars years ago in a football game. The allstars known as the Norfolk Blues, were so cocky that they didn’t huddle up or call signals. Instead they talked openly about what play to run because they figured Gallaudet’s deaf players couldn’t hear them. But the Norfolk Blues didn’t know one important fact about their opponents. The Gallaudet players were expert lip readers! Gallaudet whipped Norfolk 20-0.


Awesome Dirty Dancing "silent" film.

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