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Now that's a fan!

* BBC News reported in September that Sandra Luchian, 15, from Moldova, managed to hand-copy the 607-page "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," filling five notebooks, after borrowing it from a friend in the U.K. (since it was not available anywhere in Moldova and she couldn't afford to have it shipped to her). She said it took her about a month. [BBC Newsround, 9-23-05]

-- So, just a headsup. I may not have much internet access the next couple of days. If I can, I will post, but I won't be able to do replies until likely Monday on any comments. If I can't post I will try and get one of my designated posters from my real life too, and if they can't... well, then you'll all just have to be patient. ;) I got things I gotta attend too. Love you all! See you when I can. :)
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